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New Vibe Press is a publishing company with a designed purpose to help the world be a better place to live and learn. We are committed to partnering with entrepreneurs, leaders, speakers, business owners, educators, professional coaches, and consultants who aspire to make the greatest impact imaginable via the written word.

With our enthusiastic team of qualified editors, typesetters, illustrators, cover designers, and publicity experts, we have the tools and skills necessary to transform your manuscript into a professionally printed book as well as an e-book. We are here to serve you in this collaborative process.

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Our Latest Books

Bob McAuliffe | CEO

“I sent a very rough draft to New Vibe Press. Now, I have a professionally produced book with which I am thrilled. The graphic design and layout make everything pop off the page and speak to the reader's heart - which was my goal, and so happy I went with this publishing company.”

Brian Wheeler | Announcer, Voiceover

“I never dreamed of becoming an author. However, building a business around my book has been an exciting and creative process. I am grateful for the tremendous guidance of New Vibe Press.”

Doug Marshall | Pastor, Coach

“My goal was to write a book on communication that would help others. My experience with the team at New Vibe Press was fantastic. I received excellent coaching, and I'm now working on my next book.”

5-Step Process

Step 1 – Define a Goal (Receive Coaching)

Step 2 – Declare Publication with Your Signed Agreement

Step 3 – Design the “Making of your Manuscript”

Step 4 – Deliver Final Manuscript to production director

Step 5 – Dream come true with the marketing of your book

5 Steps to Publishing

Step 1: Your manuscript should have at least 30,000 words and six to eight chapters.

Step 2: Send your manuscript to at least two trustworthy friends or colleagues for them to proof and review.

Step 3: Once your manuscript is proofed, email a copy or link to your publishing coach.

Step 4: Once your publishing coach has approved the manuscript, email a copy or link to our Creative Director.

Step 5: After your book is designed, we will send you a paperback copy in the mail so you can give us the final approval before we make your book Live.

What type of books do we publish?

● Leadership

● Autobiographies

● Memoirs

● Business

● Non-fiction

● Biographies

● Coaching

● Self-help

● Inspirational

● Devotionals

● Children’s

● Fiction

Here we are

Meet our team

Carl Casanova

Founder & Writing Coach

Carl’s passion is that everyone has an opportunity to discover their unique life story and write about it. Carl has a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Oregon State University and has authored six books in self-development. 

He coaches individuals to formulate their dream of becoming a published author and have that vision become a reality.

Ricky Russ Jr.

Writer & Designer

Ricky has spent the last 15 years in the creative world. His colorful journey began in the glorious guitar world of pre-web print, and then rapidly progressed into the “web-wide world” of WordPress design and SEO. Then, 2008 happened. Unlike the majority of people in 2008, his journey began to flourish. Since then, he’s discovered a collection of treasures from digging through analytics, design, and marketing. In 2015, Ricky began to write books. He’s written ten books, two journals, and one children’s book while helping other writers with their books. 

Catherine Parisio

Editor & Proofreader

Catherine Parisio is a professional editor and proofreader with over 16 years in supporting emerging writers as they discover their strengths, explore their ideas, and develop the foundations of quality writing. Living overseas for the majority of the past two decades provided Catherine with the opportunities to use writing as a vehicle to record, reflect upon and share her unique experiences. Catherine partners with adult authors in transforming their original manuscripts into a crowning achievement.

2021 Pricing for

Book Publishing


$ 3900 Payment Plans Available
  • Our Personal Selection Process
  • Layout and Typesetting
  • Custom Color Cover Design
  • Illustrations


$ 4750 Payment Plans Available
  • Includes Introductory Package
  • Professional Editing
  • Professional Ghostwriting
  • Includes Kindle eBook

2021 Pricing for


Package A

$ 750 1 Month
  • Business Plan & Coaching
  • Email Newsletter promotions to New Vibe Press contacts (2)
  • Social Media promotions (once per week for four weeks)
  • 3D book graphics for website and social media promotion (3)

Package B

$ 3000 3 months
  • Includes Package A
  • Custom website (GoDaddy + WordPress)
  • Blog integration
  • Analytics platform
  • Social Media integration

Package C

$ 6000 6 months
  • Includes Package A
  • Includes Package B
  • 6 Months of Social Media & Email Newsletter promotion
  • 1 Ongoing Facebook Ad

Our Mission is to Publish. Your Action Step is to Write.

We understand that every book is a labor of love and requires great care and attention throughout the publishing process. We also know that publishing a book is often a completely new and possibly overwhelming experience for an author. For this reason, we provide each of our authors with their own Publication Coach who will provide guidance through every stage of the process while giving useful tips and resources along the way. At New Vibe Press, it is our mission to provide every author a chance to have their message heard and to help change the world.

“It will generally be admitted that the test of all books is the influence they have upon the lives and conduct of their readers.”
– Charles Helman Lea

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